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Decade-long Expertise from
Concept to Production

ERA RF Technologies is a leader in communication technologies with more than a decade of field experience. We provide reliable and secure communication systems for critical applications. Our products have a proven track record, having been utilized in various platforms worldwide, accumulating unparalleled hours of operational experience. From supporting missions in Africa's deserts to aiding operations in Siberia's frozen lands, our suite of communication system products ensures seamless connectivity.

State-of-the-art Technology

At ERA, we pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge technologies. From GaN PAs to fully-integrated transceivers, we leverage the latest advancements to create the most SWaP-efficient communication systems.

Future-ready and Customizable Design

Based on a software-defined radio architecture and modular building blocks, our communication system solutions are easily upgradable for future enhancements. Our dedicated team, with extensive experience and know-how, can provide highly customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Exceptional Reliability

We keep reliability at the heart of our products. Our deep RF experience enables us to deliver hardware designs with maximal dynamic performance to provide connectivity under challenging scenarios. From narrowband telemetry links to high data-rate SATCOM, ERA offers reliable and dependable communication solutions. ​

Unprecedented Range and Throughput

Our communication systems provide an optimal balance between range and throughput through the use of adaptive coding. Featuring modem performances close to the Shannon's limit, ERA's versatile communication system solutions maximize the potential of your operations.

Spectrum-friendly Products

We understand the importance of the radio spectrum as a precious resource. Our products respect this resource by utilizing it in the most efficient manner possible.

Easy to Integrate, Simple to Operate

Over the years, our communication system products have been integrated into several world-leading systems. We have gained invaluable experience from these integrations and can assist our customers in getting their systems up and running in no time.

Ready to get started?

We provide best-in-class communication solutions for a variety of applications.